UKCE certification

We have achieved significant success by getting UKCE (UK Conformity Assessed) certification for our access control and perimeter security solutions (speed gates, road blockers and bollards). This certification is a testament to TiSO's commitment to providing high-quality security sollutions that meet strict regulatory standards.

UKCE marking is mandatory for all products in Great Britain and means compliance with strict quality and safety requirements. It serves as a sign of trust and reliability for both consumers and businesses. With this certification, TiSO equipment officially comply with British standards, which further strengthens the company's reputation as a leader in access control.

The UKCE certification underlines TiSO's commitment to ensuring that its products meet the highest industry standards, offering customers the best security solutions.

UKCE opens up new opportunities for TiSOs to contribute to the improvement of security measures and access control systems in various UK sectors, including commercial, public, industrial etc.

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