There are many ways to prevent unauthorized entry into the territory of the plants, institutions, organizations or restricted areas, but most of them are expensive and ineffective. But not all of them. For a quarter of a century, TiSO has been producing equipment for protection against unauthorized entry of vehicles into protected areas.

We provide security devices that can be customized for organizations of different profiles and fields of activity.

One of the company's best-known security products is patking and high security bollards - strong poles that are installed across roadways to block traffic or allow certain vehicles to pass through. For this purpose, perfect solution will be retractable bollards, poles with two modes of function. As a rule, these are automatic bollards (the mode is changed remotely or according to a schedule), and semi-automatic bollards - fixation in one of the modes is carried out manually. Automatic bollards are installed in areas with high traffic volumes, while the semi-automatic ones are installed in areas with less intense traffic. In areas with poor traffic flow or without possibility of power supply, mechanical blockers or mobile solutions are used for access control. In this case, we are talking about removable bollards - when the traffic restriction can only be temporary - they are not mounted deep into the road surface, and therefore can be easily moved from place to place.



In addition to bollards, Tire-Killers - road blockers with spikes are equally effective. TiSO produces a number of modifications of road blockers with spikes. Their difference from poles is that in the raised position, they are less visible on the road, as they look like a horizontal flat pad on the roadway, that in lower position they can function as speedbump. Just like bollards, Tire-Killers could be automatic and mechanical, which greatly expands the areas, where it can be installed. Automatic Tire-Killers raises spikes in 2.5 seconds, capable of stopping anyone. The stop is achieved by penetration of the tires.

To find out in detail what kind of blockers you need, how best to place an order, etc., we recommendIt is very difficult to choose exactly what you need among such a large variety, but our managers will be happy to help you with the choice and consult you in detail. You can contact our managers by phone, by mail, or by filling in a form here.