World first mobile speedbump M30

Mobile Speedbump M30

September 20, 2018 conducted a successful crash test model TiSO Mobile Speedbump RB 358-07 in the laboratory CTS.GmbH, Münster, Germany.

This Speedbump was tested in accordance with ASTM F2656 / F2656 M-18a M30 and IWA 14-1: 2013 international standards.


Mobile Speedbump M30 is a creative achievement of engineering ideas to the head of the engineering department. Since this mobile road blocker does not require installation in the road surface.


Advantages of Mobile Speedbumps M30:
- full block mobility;
- easy installation (within 10 minutes);
- no need for installation work: without anchors / without bolts.

3 steps to install mobile speedbump

Main Application of the Mobile Speedbumps M30:
Temporary protection of access roads during public events. Such as festivals, fairs, city festivals, weekly markets, etc.

About mobile speedbump M30  Watch full crash-test video of mobile Speedbump