Security Essen 2018

Dear partners!
On September 25-28, 2018, in Essen, Germany, an international security exhibition Security Essen 2018 was held. About 950 exhibitors from 43 countries presented security systems and equipment. More than 36,000 visitors from 125 countries came to Essen to look at the latest in security: from cyber security to physical protection of the perimeter.

Company TiSO presented tripod turnstiles, full-height turnstiles, speed gates , automatic swing gates, automatic high security bollards and road blocker, crash tested mobile blockers, semi-automatic bollards etc.

Participating in events such as Security Essen 2018 is a great opportunity to showcase your product to the world, engage new professionals to collaboration, and learn more about industry trends. Besides this, it is also an opportunity to meet current partners from different parts of the world, communicate with competitors, share experiences with industry professionals and have a great time surrounded by like-minded people. Such an atmosphere inspires for new ideas and a desire to develop.

Essen Security became the final international exhibition for TiSO in 2018. The next exhibition we will take part in will be Intersec 2019 (January 20-22, 2019). TiSO will wait for you at the booth S2-G28 on.

Sweeper-HG, Exhibition Security Essen 2018
Sesame Twin
Sesame Twin, Exhibition Security Essen 2018
Full-height turnstile
Sweeper-S, Exhibition Security Essen 2018
Mobile Speedbump
Speedbump, Exhibition Security Essen 2018
M30 (K4) Road Blocker
Traffic light post, Exhibition Security Essen 2018
High security bollard
Traffic bollards, Exhibition Security Essen 2018

Sincerely yours,
TiSO team