Contactless access control systems can significantly simplify and speed up the passage of people, increase security and help track entry and exit data. And also help during the COVID-19 pandemic, to reduce the number of diseases in the workplace.

TiSO has many contactless solutions for access control and management systems that have become indispensable in our time. They include both card access systems and unique systems for face recognition, masks on a person's face and body temperature, as well as solutions for access through a regular mobile phone.

In this article, we will take a closer look at all the solutions for contactless access control.

Сard reader 

This product is designed to accept one-time passes in the form of cards. This product works with any access control system: tripod turnstiles, speed gates, full-height turnstiles, swing gates, rotary gates, etc. After inserting a proximity card, the card reader identifies the card and allows you to pass through the turnstile. The stand is equipped with an LED indicator. This solution is ideal for stadiums, banks, industries, government agencies, etc.

System of identification of faces and symptoms of viruses

Turnstiles equipped with this authorization system are able to identify a person's face, even with a medical mask on the face, and monitors body temperature, which will help to automatically filter out sick people. The system has an audible indicator that can remind a person to wear a mask, or deny access due to symptoms of the disease. This solution will be ideal for hospitals, business centers, sports complexes, etc.

PROX-T series

Thanks to this equipment, you can use not only the card as a way of identification, but also your phone can now become an access card. By downloading the Prox-T Mobile ID mobile application, you can use your phone to remotely open turnstiles, doors and barriers at a distance up to 15 meters. There are also specifications with anti-vandal aluminum housing.


All equipment, if necessary, can be installed in any TiSO turnstile. Also, this equipment can be used to upgrade already installed TiSO turnstiles. Our managers can help you with the choice of the optimal contactless access system, with whom you can contact by phone, by mail, or by filling the form here.