Turnstiles tripods - one of the most popular types of turnstiles presented in the catalog of TiSO. This type of turnstile is most often used at the entrance of schools, factories, business centers and other places with a large flow of people.

The design of the turnstile is simple, but thanks to this it is reliable. It is represented by a half-height turnstile with three barrier arms. This type of turnstile can serve for many years without failures and complaints, both indoors and outdoors, if properly and timely maintenance of the device.

TiSO offers a large range of different turnstile tripods. This allows you to find the perfect solution, just for the needs of your business.


At the moment this is the latest model of turnstile type tripod. It differs from the others with its fashionable and futuristic design. Onyx turnstiles are equipped with automatic bi-directional servo mechanism with a reliable locking system and can work reliably and efficiently in high traffic areas. These models have a fully automatic anti-panic system. Thus, in case of an emergency, the arms are automatically dropped and users can pass through without hindrance. This series of turnstiles includes both stand-up and wall-mounted turnstiles, which simplifies installation at locations.


This turnstile, like the Onyx series, has a distinctive design, making it an ideal fit for the interiors of modern business centers. The turnstile is equipped with an elegant glass panel indicating the turnstile's operating mode.


This turnstile is one of the most practical solutions for high-security environments such as factories, warehouses, and so on. Due to its reliable mechanism, and specification Twix-M Twin, which combines two turnstiles in one housing, this turnstile is able to work productively in places with large flows of people.


Tripods of this series are one of the most popular and practical turnstile solutions with a post. The post of this turnstile is more compact than Twix and Galaxy series turnstiles, so the turnstile can be located in small spaces with a large flow of people. This turnstile is presented in the Centurion-M Twin specification, which, by analogy with Twix-M Twin, allows it to increase capacity at passageways. A similar turnstile series Bastion, thanks to its enlarged housing, can easily accommodate any additional equipment.


Turnstile differs from the others in the type of installation. The turnstile is installed directly on the wall. Also due to its unique design, this turnstile has the ability to mount in public transport. Thanks to its neutral design and fashionable light indication, this turnstile will suit any interior.

All in all, tripod turnstiles are an ideal solution for entrance and checkpoints of enterprises and businesses. They offer high reliability and durability, and thanks to a large range of choices, everyone can choose the ideal option for themselves. And our managers can help you with the choice, call on the phone at the bottom, write to e-mail or leave your application on the website.