Turnstiles providing disabled access

When planning your entrance access control strategy, you will likely consider installing a bank of our smart automatic speed gates, However you will need to give serious thought to the end users, especially ease of access to users with disabilities. Your first thought will be whether the speed gates will afford simple and unhindered access to those with limited mobility, as they will need a little more time and space especially if they are using walking aids or a wheelchair. To ease this decision TiSO manufacture a range of DDA compliant speed gates.

Our range of wider, intelligent speed gates will primarily simplify access for users with disabilities, with the added benefit of providing a wider passage for users with bulky luggage, parents with children in push chairs and delivery drivers with trolleys. In general, the inclusion of a wide lane is a crucial requirement when planning your entrances.

Speedblade 500 and Speedblade 900, Credit Guarantee Company, Egypt

Why do I need wide passage speed gates?

A person, who has never faced limited mobility issues, may think that a regular speed gate or turnstile is enough to provide adequate clear passage for people with disabilities, but this is not always the case. For example, consider the classic tripod turnstiles that are universally installed in many gyms and leisure facilities. They are equipped with the “Anti-panic” system, where a bar is lowered by means of a remote control which completely opens the passage, however this system is not suitable for a wheelchair user who will need more space to gain access.

The maximum passage width of the tripod turnstile is limited by it’s design and is usually 550-650 mm. The width of a wheelchair is generally a minimum of 700 mm and the clearance needed for the user’s hands to propel them through the opening must also be taken into account. Accordingly, the required passage width will be at least 850-900 mm. Hence the width of our wide passage turnstiles are between 900 - 1200mm. This extra capacity gives adequate clearance for clear and unhindered passage.

Design options: turnstiles for people with disabilities

When specifying TiSO’s contemporary, smart speed gate solutions for the control of access to your building, there are a number of options that will provide a wider passage, for example:

• Installation of a DDA speed gate from our Sweeper, Speedblade or Jetpan range – our standard models have a passage width of 500-550 mm, whereas our wide versions can provide a clear passage width of 900mm.

Speedblade (passage width 500 mm and 900 mm), Office centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Speedblade 500 and Speedblade 900, Khidmah office, Yas Mall, Abu-dhabi, UAE

• Two standard tripod turnstiles mounted with opposing arms with a demountable balustrade between the bars, in normal use this serves as a handrail, and when required it can be easily removed by one person to free up a clear passage width of up to 1300mm.


Bicyclone turnstiles, which can be installed outdoors. The B900 and W900 models have a passage width through the gate of up to 900 mm. The unique feature of a Bicyclone turnstile is that in the event of a power failure, they are locked and unlocking is carried out by the use a key. Additionally these can be supplied with a battery back up system.

Gate-GS 900

Automatic Swing Gates are ideal for the passage of people with disabilities, groups of people and people carrying bulky goods, they can be set up to work automatically or manually (using the remote control) and provide a clear passage of up to 2100mm wide with high glass versions also available.

Whether you’re planning your entrance for use by the general public, people with disabilities, the passage of goods or use by people in small groups, TiSO will provide a suitable solution.

How to choose the best TiSO turnstiles for people with disabilities

Our product catalogue contains a wide range of solutions for the organization and management of your entrance area. The range is made up of high-quality, technically advanced and safe by design equipment. TiSO’s employees are always ready to provide you with the benefit of their in-depth product knowledge and experience by offering comprehensive advice in the selection of the ideal turnstile solution for your specific needs by balancing functionality, aesthetics and functionality within an available budget. TiSO turnstiles offer a comprehensive range of solutions for users of all types and abilities.