Sweeper-S speed gates with the slimmest footprint available on the market

Installation Sweeper-S

TiSO developed a speed gate with ultra slim footprint, a cabinet is 110 mm only. Sweeper-S by TiSO company is the slimmest and the most sophisticated model on the market of security market.

Before developing such a model, a detailed market research was conducted to implement the best features in this model. We studied engineering solutions offered by other manufacturers and noticed a common trend for each.

In spite of the fact that some other turnstiles have a really thin cabin, the mechanism that rotate the wings look like additional extensions and make turnstile even wider (have a look at pictures below).

As a result, due to the additional width of mechanism, other slim models become even wider than standard-dimensional speed gates.

Taking into account this common trend, TiSO developed Sweeper-S model with drive inside of speed gate cabinet. That's why Sweeper-S doesn't have any extra width caused by external mechanism dimensions. So they do not «steal» additional space at the installation site. The Sweeper-S cabinet is only 110 mm wide making it a of the slimmest space-saving cabinets available.

For comparison, we suggest having a look at the drawings of two turnstiles: Sweeper-S and the widespread turnstile, which most manufacturers position as a Slim model.


Following extensive market research TiSO have developed an ultra slim speed gate. The Sweeper S cabinet is only 110 mm wide making it one of the slimmest space-saving cabinets available.


Sweeper-S vs others   Sweeper-S vs others

Common slim models by other manufacturers

Other manufacturers tend to have a rotating mechanism that extends beyond the cabinet. This not only makes the turnstile cabinet footprint wider it also creates a potential trip hazard within the lane. It is particularly noticeable with the middle cabinet when there is more than a single lane or a wider DDA lane is required.


Sweeper-S speed gate by TiSO company

The key feature of the Sweeper-S speed gates that it has a very narrow housing creating a seamless space-saving footprint. The cabinet width is just 110 mm wide for both the standard width and wide lanes. Visually the Sweeper-S provides a clean contemporary access control solution.

Have a look at a comparison of two projects to estimate the advantages of Sweeper-S speed gates over other slim models available on the market.

Sweeper-S speed gate by TiSO company

Sweeper-S (passes)

Sweeper-S speed gates:

Entrance space width - 4000 mm
Sweeper-S standard passage width - 550 mm
Sweeper-S wide passage width - 900 mm
One cabin footprint - 110 mm
Number of passage lanes - 5 passage lines

  Five passage lines

Sweeper-S speed gate is the most space-saving and sleek sollution available. By having such narrow housing Sweeper-S enable to forms the larger number of passages lines than slim turnstiles by other manufacturers.

Common slim models by most of manufacturers

Other turnstiles (passes)

Common model of slim speed gates by others:

Entrance space width - 4000 mm
Speed gate standard passage width - 550 mm
Speed gate wide passage width - 900 mm
One cabin footprint - 150 mm (mechanism beyond cabin)
Number of passage lanes - 4 passage lines

  Four passage lines
Sweeper-S, business center
Sweeper-S in business center

Installation case with Sweeper-S speed gate in the business center

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