Installation K12/M50 Road blocker, Egypt, Cairo

Maadi city center. address - El-Basatin Sharkeya, El-Basatin, Cairo Governorate 11432, Egypt.
“Carrefour” project which includes installation of 6 units TiSO M50 (K12) automatic road blockers:
- TiSO RB 332 (2 m wide) – 1 pcs.;
- TiSO RB 333 (3 m wide) – 3 pcs.;
- TiSO RB 334 (4 m wide) – 2 pcs.

Entire TiSO family is thankful to tremendous efforts, professional approach, and well-coordinated performed by our authorized partner for Egypt region – AIC - AI Maalim International Company for General Supplying and Control Systems.

Installation M50 (K12) Road Blocker in Cairo

One more successfully completed project to add to our common portfolio.

M50 High security Road Blocker in Cairo

P.S.: Additionally, we have to outline contribution of deputy of R&D department – Mr. Alexander Korchovii who has proved again outstanding level of professionalism and involvement during this installation supervision experience.

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