Road blockers and parking bollards are a necessary element of road safety as they provide protection against collisions and prevent illegal parking. TiSO offers high quality and reliable road blockers and bollards that ensure the safety and security of your city or facility.

One of the main arguments in favor of TiSO products is their high quality and reliability. The road blockers and bollards are made of high quality metal, which ensures durability and resistance to corrosion. You can be sure that TiSO products will serve you for many years and ensure the safety of your city or facility.

The main advantage of TiSO products is their service. The company has its own service department, which provides a prompt response to any problems and requests from customers. In addition, our company offers flexible delivery terms and the possibility of individual orders.


Another advantage of TiSO products is their efficiency. TiSO road blockers and bollards provide effective traffic control and prevent illegal parking. In addition, TiSO offers anti-ram bollards that provide additional protection against unwanted collisions and run-overs.

TiSO has been developing and manufacturing road blockers and bollards for many years. It offers a wide range of products, which allows you to choose the most suitable option for your city or facility.

TiSO offers the best solutions for blocking roads and parking areas that are reliable and safe for users and passers-by.



TiSO products can be used in a variety of areas, such as parking lots, business centers, residential complexes, airports, and others. The company offers a wide range of products, including road blockers, parking bollards and anti-ram bollards, which differ in characteristics and functionality. Our products provide a high level of security and access control, which allows you to effectively protect the territory from unauthorized access.

TiSO constantly improves its products and uses the latest technologies in the field of security and access control. Our team of specialists is always ready to provide professional consultation and assistance in choosing the best product option. Thanks to this, our customers receive the best solutions for their needs.