Access control is needed not only when entering a building or territory, but also to vehicles if the entrance to them requires a ticket or a permit to be in it. Taking into account the complexity and urgency of the existing problem, TiSO, which has extensive experience in the production of turnstiles, a wide range of products - 14 models of tripod type turnstiles alone, has developed and launched the production of special turnstiles designed to control passenger access to vehicles (this is the only offer on the market so far!). Bus turnstiles must be reliable and durable, work without fail in difficult conditions caused by the flow of people and the need to board the bus in a short time (the transport operator has a schedule), and be resistant to any weather conditions.

The complexity of the solution was the need to quickly check/read cards, QR codes, print tickets and/or checks, and accept banknotes and coins. But the company has solved all these issues and now the market has an exclusive offer - SKULL BUS turnstile is modified turnstile for bus entry. These turnstiles have all the positive qualities that other tripod turnstiles have: high throughput, ease of operation, adaptability to any access control systems available on the market for this product, ability to be effective in extreme conditions, ability to have additional options (if necessary). As for the durability of the tripod turnstile design, it is known to a wide range of consumers of the company's products and does not require additional confirmation or assurances. Nevertheless, at the entrance to public places of mass entertainment, competitions or retail establishments, the simultaneous flow of people wishing to enter can be several times greater than the number of people at one bus stop. In addition to the high-quality organization of authorized entry into the vehicle, turnstiles must also control and provide an opportunity for people to exit, but TiSO successfully solves this seemingly serious problem.



Organizers of bus transportation will surely be interested to know all the details, features and capabilities of bus turnstiles. To clarify the terms of ordering, specifications and price of turnstile you can contact our managers by phone, by mail, or by filling in a form here.